AF Accounting Services LLC BBB Business Review
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Office Setup

Subscription Plans


  •       Quarterly Bookkeeping

  •       Bank Accounts (One to Two) 

  •       Credit Cards (One to Two)

  •       Quarterly Zoom Consultations

  •       Personal Tax Preparation

  •       Business Tax Preparation

  •       Email Support Only 



  • Bookkeeping 

  • Payroll 

  • Accounting Advisory

  • Email support Only


  •       Monthly Bookkeeping

  •       Bank Accounts (One to Four) 

  •       Credit Cards (One to Four)     

  •       Monthly Zoom Consultations

  •       Personal Tax Preparation      

  •       Business Tax Preparation

  •       Unlimited Phone & Email Support

  •       Annual Tax Planning

  •       Implementation of Tax Reduction Strategies 

  •       Estimated Tax Payments



  • Monthly Bookkeeping 

  • Monthly Financial Review & Analysis 

  • Monthly Payroll

  • Quarterly Budgeting & Forecasting 

  • Quarterly Tax Planning

  • Tax Preparation Services (Individual + 1 Business)

  • Zoom- Phone- Or Email support/consultation. 



  •       Daily Bookkeeping

  •       Bank Accounts (Unlimited) 

  •       Credit Cards (Unlimited)     

  •       Monthly Zoom Consultations

  •       Personal Tax Preparation      

  •       Business Tax Preparation

  •       Unlimited Phone, Email Support & CPE Meetings

  •       Annual Tax Planning

  •       Implementation of Tax Reduction Strategies 

  •       Full Tax Projection & Financial Goal Setting

  •       Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments

  •       Annual LLC or Corporation Renewal (state fees apply)

  •       IRS Representation & Audit Defense

  •       Establish Excellent Business Credit

  •       Virtual CFO Service

  •       Payroll Support

  •       Personal Investment Advice

  •       Business Investment Advice


  • Monthly Bookkeeping 

  • Monthly Payroll

  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations

  • Monthly Zoom Consultations

  • Unlimited Phone & Email Support

  • Quarterly Financial Review & Analysis 

  • Quarterly Budgeting & Forecasting 

  • Year-End Tax Strategy Session

  • Tax Preparation Services (Individual + 1 Business)

  • LLC Formation.....$500-$1,200

  • S-Corp Election....$300

  • Tax Preparation Services...$500-1,500 Higher depending on complicity

  • LLC Dissolution...$400

  • 1099 Preparation for Contractors...$50 per form

  • Bookkeeping Clean-up...$1,000 $ above, price determined after a consultation call.

  • Customized Packages/Services & more...

One Time Service

A La Orden

Accurate bookkeeping and financial reporting help a business manage its cash flow, meet its financial obligations and plan its investments.


We understand that your business requirements & needs are unique. That's why we offer subscription plans customization, individual bundles & one time services to ensure that your business gets the support it needs to grow and prosper. Each package offers a different level of services, such as bookkeeping, tax preparation, and payroll.

Bookkeeping Clean-Up

Incomplete accounting records can prevent a business from qualifying for the loans, lines of credit, and investor funding on which its future growth rests. AF Accounting offers bookkeeping clean-ups to get your business finances back on track.

Financial Forecasting & Analysis 

Estimate future financial outcomes for your business and make informed financial decisions, such as whether and when to fund a capital project, undertake a staffing increase, or seek funding. 


  • The Basic package is designed for business owners who are just starting out and have 1-5 employees. and or Accounting solutions for new creatives entrepreneurs...Prices.. $500 and up

  • The Plus package is ideal for business owners who are growing and scaling rapidly and need more hands-on support from an accounting standpoint, and or For entrepreneurs in the early stages of business development and are looking to solidify their foundation...$750 and up

  • Advance package is tailored to business owners with multiple LLCs or Corporations that require accounting support services for all entities, and or Entrepreneurs who have already solidified themselves in business and are ready to scale...$1,250 and up

Items to note: Clients who pay the annual subscription fee upfront as a onetime payment instead of monthly will receive a 10% discount on the annual price of each package.

Account Cancellation

Company reserves the right to cancel service for any reason with prior notice. In the event of cancellation, unused fees for the current month will be refunded or pro-rated. Clients must provide 16 days notice for cancellation prior to the end of their current billing period to avoid further charges. Notification will be accepted via email, fax, telephone call, or letter. Confirmation of cancellation must be received by customer for cancellation to be effective. Company is not responsible for unconfirmed cancellations and will not refund charges for unconfirmed cancellations. Customers who cancel a pre- paid account plan (3 months, 6 months, 1 year plans) after the first 30 days of service will receive a refund of any unused fees.

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AF Accounting Services LLC BBB Business Review